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Tunnel Reclaim Conveyor

Tunnel Reclaim Conveyor

Superior’s Tunnel Reclaim conveyor gives you instant, reliable access to your surge pile. Tunnel Reclaim helps you maintain a continuous feed of material to your processing plant. Their system can decrease your dependency on expensive loaders and labor costs.

The design allows for future adjustments and modifications without requiring a redesign of the entire system. They will custom engineer each system for your specific application and ship it to your site pre-assembled. You can choose from feeder options including belt feeder, vibrating pan feeder, or clam gate feeder. Portable versions are also available.


  • Stress shedding design handles heavy loads.
  • Operate fully engaged loaders and dozers across entire length.
  • Maintain a continuious feed of material to processing plant.
  • Modular design simplified future modifications.



  • Manufacturer: Superior

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