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Jump Conveyors

Jump Conveyors

Superior’s Jump Conveyors have a flexible design that allows them to easily shift in and out of operation. These conveyors come with a custom-engineered conveyor truss design, extending their lifetime and giving them the durability to operate in rugged applications.

Featuring an adjustable height discharge, Jump Conveyors help you achieve more accurate feeding and reduce your transfer point maintenance. In order to lower your operating costs, Jump Conveyors come equipped with Superior brand components, which require fewer changeouts.




Radial Receiving Hopper

6-foot (1.8m) Discharge Support

Anchor Pivot Plate

Belt Scale


Exterra® Primary Belt Cleaner

Moxie® Rolls

Urathon® Return Rolls

Impact Rolls

Auto Greaser


Power Travel

Strut Axle

Landing Gear

Fifth Wheel Hitch

Lights and Brakes

Tow Eye


  • Manufacturer: Superior

Technical Specifications

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Transport Dimensions


Dimensions 40′ 50′ 60′ 80′ 100′
(D) Travel Length – 36″ Belt Width 44′ 8″ 54′ 9″ 64′ 9″ 84′ 9″ 71′ 6″
(E) Travel Height – 36″ Belt Width 8′ 11″ 8′ 10″ 9′ 4″ 9′ 5″ 14′ 1″
Travel Width – 36″ Belt Width 8′ 6″ 8′ 9′ 3″; Dual 10′ 1″ 91 1″ 11′ 11″; Dual 10′ 5″
Weight at Axle – 36″ Belt Width (lbs) 5,186 4,553 4,700 7,000 8,700
Weight at Kingpin – 36″ Belt Width (lbs) 1,463 1,910 2,400 3,000 2,900


Dimensions 12.2m 15.2m 18.3m 24.4m 30.5m
(D) Travel Length – 36″ Belt Width 13.6m 16.7m 19.8m 25.9m 21.7m
(E) Travel Height – 36″ Belt Width 2.7m 2.6m 2.8m 2.8m 4.2m
Travel Width – 36″ Belt Width 2.5m 2.4m 2.8m; Dual 3m 2.7m 3.6m; Dual 3.1m
Weight at Axle – 36″ Belt Width (kg) 2,352 2,065 2,131 3,175 3,946
Weight at Kingpin – 36″ Belt Width (kg) 663 866 8,088 1,360 1,315


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