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Anthem® Inclined Screen

Anthem® Inclined Screen

Superior’s patent-pending Anthem Inclined Screen includes a number of distinguishing features that set it apart from competitor models; including bottle jack lifting points provide operators a safer setting for spring replacement and hinged access doors to prevent material spillage by sealing access holes and the hinges ensure the doors are never misplaced.

Segmented belt guards and drive guards require only one person to remove and return during maintenance, making this a user friendly addition to any set-up. Backed by the industry’s first two-year standard warranty, the Anthem Inclined Screen is available as a stand alone unit or configured on a screening plant.


Bottle Jack Lifting Points
  • The Anthem® Inclined Screen features bottle jack lifting points that simplify your spring replacement. The lifting points for changing out springs are in each of the four corners of the screen, a design exclusive to Superior. This allows you to simply put a bottle jack in and raise up, requiring only six to eight bolts to remove and slide out the old springs. This maintenance convenience eliminates the need for a crane or bucket loader, allowing you to replace the springs quickly and safely.
Belt Guard
  • A fully enclosed, segmented belt guard offers safer operation and easier access for maintenance. Belt guards are typically very large and heavy, making them difficult to replace alone or without the aid of heavy machinery. The belt guard is segmented into five pieces with no piece being heavier than 50 pounds. This segmentation speeds up your replacement process.
Hinged Access Doors
  • Hinged access doors prevent material spillage by sealing access holes and the hinges ensure the doors are never misplaced.


  • Bottle jack lifting point for 1.5” lift
  • Safer and simpler spring replacement
  •  Easier for one person to access
  • Quick access to sheave and flywheel without completely removing guard
  • Convenient inspection and maintenance
  • Hinge prevents misplacing cover
  • Standard feature for wear protection
  • 1/4” AR steel bolt in liners
  • Manufacturer: Superior
  • Equipment: 5×16 – 8×24 models, Two, three or four deck configurations, Bottle jack lifting points

Technical Specifications

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Transport Dimensions


Size Range (ft) Decks Speed (RPM) Max Stroke (in) Mad Feed Size (in) Slope
Standard Series 5’x16′ – 8’x24′ 2-3 800-900 0.38 8 20°
Scalping Series 5’x16′ – 8’x24′ 2-3 700-800 0.50 16 15°


Size Range (mm) Decks Speed Max Stroke (mm) Max Feed Size (mm) Slope
Standard Series 1600×4900 – 2500×7320 2-3 800-900 RPM 10 203 20°
Scalping Series 1580×5000 – 2500×7320 2-3 700-800 RPM 12.7 406 15°


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